We at Flevogold has since 2012 imported chicken to the nordic market and our assortment includes a wide range of chicken products supplied to wholesalers around the country two times per week.

Our own imports are essentially frozen raw and cooked chicken parts from Poland, the Netherlands and Austria. In addition to this we also sell South American chicken products.

Our chicken details are chicken fillet, legparts, deboned details. See more in the product information. Flevogold only sells frozen poultry products.

We sell a combination of full trucks to mixed pallets towards wholesalers and industrial clients of large and medium character.

Flevogold’s assortment is under constant development, and our strength is good quality at a competitive price on pallet freely delivered to you as a customer.

Our warehouses are both in the Netherlands and in Gothenburg for quick delivery.

Together with our factories new ideas are constantly born to supply our costumers with an attractive and selling assortment.